Our History

From 1950 a history of growth and successes
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  • 1950: Rainieri Lionello opens his first business.

    It was the year of 1950. This is where an adventure began, the adventure that turned into a leading company in the sector of eggs and egg products in Europe.

  • 1965: Lionello buys his first egg shelling machine.

    In 1965 we purchased our first peeling machine. It was a crucial year, as it marked the beginning of a constant and unstoppable growth.

  • 1970: The company opens its first industrial plant in Santa Maria in Fabriago (RA).

    The plant of Santa Maria Fabriago, in the province of Ravenna, was inaugurated in 1970. A wide space that made it possible to expand egg production.

  • stabilimento occhiobello

    1980: The company opens a factory in Occhiobello (RO) and its first hen feed production plant.

    When the plant in Occhiobello (RO) was inaugurated, home to 500,000 egg-laying chickens, the company started producing its own chicken feed. This big step gives the company full control over its production, ensuring maximum quality and production efficiency.

  • 1992: The company opens a new packaging plant in Mordano (BO).

    In 1992, an important packaging plant was opened in Mordano.

  • 1993: Acquisition of Gandolfi Spa.

    In 1993, the Gandolfi company was acquired.

  • 1998: Acquisition of Ovonor sas (France) and new packaging centre in Mordano.

    In 1998, the Ovonor Sas company was acquired, and a new packaging plant was opened in Mordano.

  • 2001: Acquisition of Liot (France).

    In 2001, we acquired Liot, a strategic company for the production of professional baking and restaurant supplies.

  • 2002: Acquisition of Maia and first organic farm in Pieve di Soligo.

    In 2002, we acquired Maia, which brought us our first organic farming. Maia, genuine living, is a brand that responds to tradition and to genuine flavours with products that respect their quality.

  • Eurotrasporti

    2003: Creation of Eurotrasporti (a wholly-owned transport subsidiary).

    In 2003, the Group created Eurotrasporti, a company that controls more than 300 vehicles.

  • 2004: Opening of the Taglio di Po plant.

    In 2004, a plant was opened in Taglio di Po.

  • 2004: Opening of the Maia Polska plant (Poland).

    In the same year, the Maia Polska plant was inaugurated in Poland, to expand the company's production force.

  • 2006: Opening of the Laghetti barn farming plant.

    In 2006, we inaugurated the Laghetti plant, home to 150,000 free-range egg-laying chickens.

  • 2007: Opening of the Rondanina organic plant.

    In 2007, a plant for organic eggs was opened in Rondanina. Plenty of space to allow chickens to peck in freedom.

  • 2009: Eurovo buys the barn-laying facility in Ostellato (FE).

    In 2009, we inaugurated the Ostellato plant, home to 180,000 free-range egg-laying chickens.

  • 2010: Opening of the San Paolo organic plant.

    An important threshold was reached when the San Paolo organic plant was opened. A wide space where chickens are free to peck outdoors.

  • 2010: Opening of the Codigoro barn farming plant.

    The Codigoro plant is home to 1,200,000 free-range chickens and is the apple in the eye of the Group. It was opened in 2010.

  • 2011: Opening of the Santa Sofia plant.

    In 2011 we opened a new plant in Santa Sofia. This was a milestone for the expansion of our production.

  • 2011: Opening of the "Eps" plant.

    "2011 was an important year: the Eps plant was also opened then.
    The main production areas are:
    - Production of granulated egg whites;
    - Egg white drying;
    - Yolk and mixed egg drying."

  • 2012: Acquisition of Coccovo plant.

    After the acquisition of the Coccovo brand, the commercial strength of the Eurovo Group grew.

  • 2012: Acquisition of Naturovo plant.

    In 2012 we acquired Naturovo, which allowed us to expand our offer and commercial strength.

  • 2014: Opening of the Colle Umberto (TV) plant.

    In 2014 we inaugurated a plant in Colle Umberto, Treviso.

  • 2014: Opening of the Castiglione delle Stiviere (MN) barn farming plant.

    This constant growth led to an important expansion in production that is relevant in terms of national territory, with the free-range egg-laying chicken plant in Castiglione delle Stiviere. This took place in 2014.

Eurovo in Europe

We are present all over Europe, thanks to our plant network


Calisese di Cesena (FC)

Pieve di Soligo (TV)

Occhiobello (RO)

Mordano (BO)

Imola (BO)

Codigoro (FE)

Taglio di Po (RO)

Colle Umberto (TV)


Liot, sede di Pleumartin (Francia)

Liot, sede di Annezin (Francia)

Maia Polska, Niemodlin (Polonia)

Marcopolo Comercio SL, Valladolid (Spagna)