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allevamento biologico gruppo eurovo

Poultry Farms

The Eurovo Group was one of the first companies at a European level to invest in alternative poultry farming and in the modernisation of its farms in compliance with animal welfare regulations.
Every Eurovo farm is regularly monitored, whilst the management and care of the animal is entrusted to competent and trained personnel that constantly check the environmental values, welfare, feeding and health of the laying hens. The hens are bred in respect of their well-being and the regulations in force.

The Eurovo farms:
On the organic farms, the hens are bred outdoors and fed exclusively with feed from organic agriculture.

In the free-range structures, the hens are free to roam and scratch about in a covered environment and lay eggs in the nests on the ground.

On the open-air farms, the hens are reared in large open spaces with vegetation and covered shelters.

Comprising this type of farming are the batteries that comply with the legislation in force regarding animal welfare.