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Environmental Responsibility

Eurovo Group is committed to ensuring that all its actions are environmentally sustainable and to offer consumers sustainable models and lifestyles to guarantee ecosystems, for the well-being of present and future generations.

The Group is very considerate of the theme of environmental sustainability. Enacted in all of the company’s establishments are actions aimed at the recycling of water, the reduction of waste and the disposal of consumables according to the regulations prescribed by law.

Environmental sustainability is a key element that also influences the choice of suppliers, particularly in regards to the transport sector.

The territory and the well-being of the inhabitants are at the heart of Eurovo. In order to have a reduced impact on the areas in which the company sites are located, the Group constantly invests in innovation and improvement of the set-ups, even in terms of eco-sustainability.

In addition, the Group invests in research and development to offer its customers recyclable and biodegradable packaging.