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Our product lines dedicated to consumers are

‐    Le Naturelle, Maia and Novissime: the three Eurovo Group brands dedicated to the final consumer in the eggs-in-shell sector.

‐    Nonna Anita is the line of gluten-free powder mixes for desserts, ready-made fillings and auxiliary sprays for baking and decorating.

‐    White Force is the range of products designed for active people who love fitness and body building.

white force

White Force

The White Force line is an innovative range of products destined to a modern diet based on well-being and good physical shape, suitable for an active...
logo Nonna Anita

Nonna Anita

The Eurovo Group sells a full range of preparations under the Nonna Anita brand: products for desserts, ready-to-use fillings, decorations, auxiliary...
logo le Naturelle Biologico

le Naturelle organic

The best avant-garde organic farms and an infrastructure that gives full control over the production process: this is how the Group's brand entirely...
logo Novissime


A line of eggs that offers genuineness and reliability, with a great quality/price ratio. Only super fresh, always super good!
logo le Naturelle Selezione Coccodì

le Naturelle Cocodì selection

From the combination of the historical Tuorlo D'oro Cocodì brand came Le Naturelle Cocodì Selection, a full range of special eggs for pasta, with...
logo le Naturelle

le Naturelle

Le Naturelle, the Eurovo Group's brand with the widest range of eggs, egg products and egg derivatives, for the needs of all consumers.
logo uova Maia


Maia is a brand of eggs, more diffuse in northern Italy, under which the Eurovo Group sells only free-range or organic eggs.
logo le Naturelle Km ZERO

le Naturelle Km ZERO

Le Naturelle km Zero are 100% eggs from the Lazio region: a line of eggs laid exclusive in farms in the Lazio countryside and packaged in a single...