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After being elected winner of the 2018 Product of the Year award by more than 12 thousand consumers, le Naturelle Rustiche brand has been selected and won the special section of Brands Award for the products launched in early 2018.

There are three selection criteria, which led le Naturelle Rustiche to the victory as the 2018 NEW ENTRY AWARD: sales data, consumers, M.D. experts’ jury. Brand selection criteria were objective (IRI and GfK sales data) and all the nominated products faced two levels of judgment: consumers and jury made up of buyers/category/OD Sales Managers.

The victory of  le Naturelle Rustiche brand resulted from three equally relevant rankings, which indicated it as the absolute winner.

Le Naturelle Rustiche is widening le Naturelle product line as well as the offer coming from alternative breeding farms. The challenge to certify and guarantee the whole "antibiotic-free" chain started exactly from these farms, raising the bar on quality in the egg market and strengthening the production constraints in order to grant a safe, fresh and quality product.