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Nonna Anita a Cibus

The Eurovo Group at Cibus 2018 with Naturelle and Nonna Anita

From 7 to 10 May the Eurovo Group will attend Cibus 2018 with the two leading brands: le Naturelle and Nonna Anita.

le Naturelle, as always a dynamic and growing brand, offers a wide and flexible range of eggs in shell and pasteurized egg products.

For this edition the spotlight will be on:

• le Naturelle Rustiche winner of the "2018 Food Product" Award: 100% Italian fresh barn eggs, laid within a fully dedicated supply chain certified by an external body, without using antibiotics throughout the whole production phase. We feed our hens only with feeds, which are strictly GMO-free, vegetable, palm oil-free, animal fat free, with no meat meal, no synthetic dyes.

Pasteurized egg products in the practical 250g bottle, ideal for home consumption and ready for use in all recipes both in your kitchen and in a bakery.

Egg yolk, whole egg, scrambled eggs, they are all ready to be cooked in a pan, from barn farming eggs and eventually egg whites from organic farming.

Nonna Anita is the Group's gluten-free brand, born in 2016, that could to establish itself in the consumer market in a short time, thanks to the disbursement schemes by the NHS. In this occasion, it will launch:

Handcrafted gluten-free ready-to-fill choux pastry, ideal for both sweet and savory recipes; lactose free, no yeast, hydrogenated fat-free, palm oil-free and barn eggs included. Already available on the NHS.

• Gluten-free Red Velvet cake: the recipe, typical of South American cuisine, is now famous all over the world and its characteristic red color makes it particularly suitable for the Christmas holidays but also basic for more elaborate confections. Available soon on the NHS.

Whole Grain Melba Toast 200g pack contains four convenient portions by five slices, already available on the NHS. All natural Ingredients: whole wheat and brown rice oil, for a healthy gluten-free break.

Gluten-free breadcrumbs 400 g bucket, already available on the NHS, it also boasts an additional quality: a “clean label”, i.e. a short list of ingredients without any artificial additives. 

The Eurovo Group will be waiting for you at Cibus 2018 in Parma, Hall 3 - Stand G030.