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Sustainability brochure

Today, like yesterday, we look to the future: we want to be modern leaders, sensitive to issues concerning the well-being of people, animals and the planet. This is why we have started and are still developing numerous projects.

Sustainability has always been an integral part of our "doing business" because as a family we strongly believe in the importance of seizing the opportunities that arise from continually renewing oneself; our commitment began more than seventy years ago and is part of a far-sighted vision, which aims to create a "zero impact" circular supply chain model, to contribute with our eggs to a healthy and sustainable diet, for us and for the next generations.

Our aim is to start a formal and transparent reporting process, starting from the Brochure to get to certify our Sustainability Report, as an emblem of our commitment and openness to all control parameters and KPIs. 

With this document, which "tells us", we want to share our values for a future of value, for all our stakeholders, the environment and the territories in which we operate and to which we have always been linked.  

Download the sustainability brochure.