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Eurovo Group at Anuga 2019

Interview with Federico Lionello, marketing and sales director of Eurovo Group

In a bit more than a month Anuga 2019 will begin. How important is this display window for Italian businesses? And for Eurovo?
One of the world’s most important trade shows in the food sector, Anuga is, for us, a unique opportunity to meet international top buyers and make our products known. In this sector, the “made in Italy” marking is a synonym of high quality of raw materials, controls and safety. The foreign buyers present at the event are a confirmation of this; they are in search of innovative products that respond to these specific market demands.

How long has Eurovo been participating in this event, and why?
We have been participating in this event for many years now. For us, Anuga has become a sure appointment. It offers us the chance for an immersion in the latest trends of the sector, and is an inspiration vector for new ideas. An occasion to make appointments with our clients and potential clients, especially for the industrial and the Food Service market.

How much are exports responsible for in your yearly turnover?
Our Group boasts a full production cycle, controlled in house, that gives us great flexibility. Our main market is Italy, but we also trade abroad. Exports currently account for 8% of our turnover.

What countries are your main clients and which ones would you like to export to?
We export to about 40 countries worldwide, with a constant effort to reach to new markets and sales areas.

What novelties will you be presenting at the trade exhibition?
This year we will be introducing the latest novelties of the le Naturelle Rustiche range, which has innovation and animal welfare at its core. We will present our new line le Naturelle Rustiche Antibiotic-free Egg Whites: no additives, no preservatives, ready to use. Another product to join the le Naturelle Rustiche line is the practical egg white Tetrapak, available in 500 g and 1 kg, two new products consisting of grade A Italian eggs laid in a fully dedicated chain by hens raised without antibiotics and with GMO-free feed.

There are also le Naturelle Deluxe: eggs with naturally coloured shells (green, blue, white, chocolate) laid by ornamental hens of a precious and historical breed, raised organically and without antibiotics. The production chain is controlled and certified, and all feed is GMO free. The eggs are hand packed one by one, and the packaging, in limited edition and in two different colours, will be distributed in high-end specialised shops.

This year, once again, our gluten-free range will be available: Nonna Anita, consisting of gluten free powdered preparations for bakery products and of ready-for-consumption products such as sponge cake, choux pastries for filling, toasts, “piadina” flatbread and bread crumbs. In addition to being gluten free, the line also contains no palm oil, no hydrogenated fats and is made with barn eggs. The wide variety of items available is dedicated not only to those who need gluten-free products, but also to those who wish to prepare and enjoy sweet creations but have little time available to spend time in the kitchen. Perfect for people who want to rediscover the pleasure of baking with their own hands and of personalising handmade sweets. The preparations are also available in professional formats, in packages containing 1 kg or 2.5 kg.